Frequently Asked Questions

Alaska Gold Standard Tours

What should I pack?

Our itineraries require casual attire. Jeans, leggings, sweaters, t-shirts, etc. Make certain to pack your favorite walking/hiking shoes, a light raincoat and you might need to think about a scarf, hat, and gloves. Layers are key for your utmost comfort and to quickly adjust to changing environments. We also recommend bringing along at least two sets of dress pants and collar shirts or a few casual dresses for more formal occasions and evening dinners.

Please click HERE for our Alaska Packing Guide!

How much cash should I bring?

Our tours are all-inclusive, meaning hotel accommodations, all meals, and attractions are included. When planning how much cash to bring consider additional cost, for example, alcoholic beverages, activities during free time, and souvenirs.

What about tipping? 

When it comes to gratuities for your drive and tour guide is included in the package price.

Tipping to outside vendors (ATV guide, horseback guide, boat captain, etc.) is NOT included and is left to the discretion of each individual participating in that activity. Though it is not required, it is recommended.

If you feel inclined, you are always welcome to tip your driver and tour guide at the end of your tour for a job well done. This is not required and is left to your discretion.


Will I have any free time on the tour?

Our itineraries provide relaxation and leisure time for guests to independently explore, shop, and sight see. Your tour director will help you take full advantage of extra time by offering recommendations for local attractions or by organizing optional activities.


Will I see Mt. Denali?

All tours include a visit to Denali National Park and a tour into the heart of the park. Denali formerly known as Mt. McKinley means the “high one” and is the name the Athabaskan people gave the towering peak. Only 1 out of 3 people to Visit Denali National Park  during the season is fortunate enough to see the tallest mountain in North America. Denali is often hidden behind clouds due to its extreme height creating its own micro climate.


When is the best time to travel to Alaska?

We offer tours from mid May to mid September to take advantage of the long summer days and warmer weather. Peak travel is during the months of June, July, and August. June is ordinarily the driest time to visit, boasting the longest days of the year. July is generally going to be the warmest month, but also the busiest month to visit. August, while still warm, is inclined to rain, but the wildlife sightings are abundant. Regardless of the month you visit, each offers something special to the season!


Will I see wildlife?

While we can’t guarantee wildlife sightings, we have designed our tours to maximize your possibility of wildlife viewing. Every one of our tours visits Denali National Park, known for its vast wildlife including the Alaska Big 5: Moose, Caribou, Bear, Wolf, and Dall Sheep. Our experienced drivers travel the Alaska road system frequently and are excellent wildlife spotters, making stops whenever possible for better viewing and photo opportunities. Many of our tour packages include an all-day wildlife and glacier cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park. A perfect opportunity for sighting Humpback Whales, Orcas, Harbor Seals, Sea Otters, and a variety of shore birds, including the Tufted Puffin! Many of our tour packages also stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, a fantastic place to view Alaska’s wildlife. The AWCC is home to many Alaskan animals including bears, wood bison, wolverines, porcupines, moose, lynx, and much more!.


What will the weather be like?

The weather in Alaska can be extreme and unpredictable, even in the summer. Summer temperatures on average can range from 60 to 85 degrees. We recommend wearing layers so you will be comfortable in all elements and can focus on enjoying beautiful Alaska. Sunscreen is also recommended to bring along.


Are the mosquitoes really that BIG?

The mosquito playfully known as the “Alaska State Bird” is present from April to September. 25 species can be found in the state, but none carry diseases. The insects are generally found near standing or slow moving water and at dusk and dawn. We recommend wearing protective clothing, like long sleeves and using bug repellent with DEET. Though there are plenty of different options on the market for natural alternatives or repellent with out DEET, it has been proven that Alaskan mosquitoes are repelled the best when using a bus repellent with DEET. All our vehicles carry bug repellent and most activities are in open areas or offer a slight breeze, limiting mosquitoes.


Can I add activities to my tour package?

Many additional activities are offered in most areas we visit, for your convenience suggestions for activities to all our major destinations are included in your tour documents. Your Alaska Gold Standard Tour coordinator will be happy to assist you with any bookings or additional questions. .


How long do I travel per day?

An average tour day starts from 8:30 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening. However, you are generally just in the vehicle for 1.5 hours driving time between destinations. Frequent stops are made for restroom breaks, photo opportunities, meals, in addition to daily attractions.


Why would I want to travel in a group?

Alaska is twice as big as the state of Texas and varies immensely, more than most visitors recognize! Traveling independently in Alaska can be very challenging, with such a short summer season, most lodging and activities are booked months in advance. Our set itineraries created by Alaskans offer convenience, peace of mind, and a local perspective. Our professional guides will show you the best of Alaska taking you to genuine attractions and restaurants along the way so we can deliver our promise of offering the best bang for your buck! Though many options exist for visiting Alaska, choosing our multi-day group tours offers the best, most professional local guides and ease of travel for the most rewarding vacation.


What about prices?

When booking your vacation of a lifetime, you want the best price and travel options. In Alaska, these options can vary widely and are more costly than other destinations. When comparing prices and tours, consider what is included in the cost, how big your group size will be, who planned the tour, and, most importantly, does it hit all your Alaska bucket list requirements?. Many companies do not include ALL meals and have “hidden costs”. All our tours include all meals, attractions, and hotels to create the ultimate packaged deal. We do offer add-on excursions in certain areas (Denali National Park, Talkeetna, Seward, etc.) to enhance your individual experience, but we always include at least one tour per day!


Food & Restaurants

All our tours include 3 hearty meals a day.

Breakfast will generally be eaten at the establishment we stayed at the night before.

Lunches are typically a simple boxed lunch as you are busy on adventures, but occasionally there will be days with full-service dining for lunch.

For dinner, we will dine at authentic local restaurants, offering local fare such as salmon, halibut, or reindeer. Most restaurants offer vegetarian options and will do their best to accommodate dietary needs.