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Alaska Packing Guide

Alaska Packing Guide

 Alaska Packing Guide

When coming to Alaska for the first time, many travelers feel incredibly overwhelmed when they reach the packing stage…this is why we have created “The Alaskan Packing Guide” for you!

These are the items we always recommend bringing along for your Alaskan Adventure! 

Rain Boots 

Hiking Boots 

Waterproof Pants 


Long-Sleeved Fleece 


Bathing Suit 

Waterproof Jacket 


Thermal shirt and pants 

Long and short sleeve shirts

Long pants (jeans, fleece leggings, Carharts, etc)




Warm Pajamas 


Insect Repellent with Deet 

Dry Bag/Small Backpack

Wool Socks 

Remember that you’ll want to bring along clothes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. From dog sledding to zip lining and river rafting, you’re likely to pick up a little Alaskan mud along the way. The last thing you want to worry about when out having fun is trying to stay clean, it just wont happen in the Alaskan outdoors. Preparation is key to ensuring you have a trip of a lifetime! 

When traveling in Alaska, it is not uncommon to start the day in a warm, puffy raincoat and be in just a t-shirt by the mid-afternoon. Layering is key to traveling comfortably in Alaska. You want your base layer to be made out of moisture-wicking material, never cotton! This way your base is always warm so you can build on top of that depending on the weather of the day and your comfort in the elements. 

Leave your formal attire at home, unless you are adding a cruise onto your trip, because here in Alaska even the nicest of restaurants will have patrons in jeans and a fleece. Alaska is known for being a casual place, where you can adventure all day and not be looked at twice sitting down to dinner with rain boots on!

Well that just about covers everything you need to bring with you to have a successful and comfortable Alaskan Adventure! As always, feel free to reach out to your booking advisor with any further packing questions! 

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